PBF Rules

To learn how Pizza Box Football is played, look at our Quick Start Guide. The most important thing to know is the strategy of the game. See the Play Calling Strategy Advantage Chart on the Getting Started  page.

Instructions and Game Rules

Introduction and Game Contents
Make sure you have all the parts you need to play the game.

Getting Started
Learn how to set up the game. Practice and learn about Play Calling Strategy.

Game Options
See an overview of the 4 different ways to play Pizza Box Football. Each game option has a 1-page set of instructions that describes the rules of the game.

Red Zone Shootout
Rules for playing the 5-minute Red Zone Shootout game. This quick game plays just like college overtime. Each player will get a chance to score with the ball from his opponent’s 25-yard line. If the score is tied after each player has had a chance, play continues.

Backyard Brawl
Rules for playing the 30-minute Backyard Brawl game. Each team will get 6 chances with the ball. There are 3 rounds per half, and each team gets 1 chance to score per round. In each half, team will try scoring from their own 25, from midfield and from their opponent’s 25. There’s a play limit on each possession, but there is no punting allowed

Smashmouth Full Game
Rules for playing the 60-minute Smashmouth Full game. This is the real thing, with 4 quarters, with kickoffs, punts and more. Turnovers matter. Field position matters. May the best team win.

Professional Full Game
Rules for playing the 60-minute Professional Full game. Now you’re a pro. The clock moves just like a real game. Manage it. Use your timeouts. Call hurry-up offense plays to get an extra score or try to come from behind.

Game Board
See how to use the game board to keep track of the ball on the field, the down situation, the score and more.

Setting Up League Play
See our pre-set schedules for 4-team, 6-team and 8-team leagues. With League Tools, you’ll be able to print up your league schedules and standings in no time!

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