Pizza Box Football Expansion Game Booster

For a limited time only, we are offering the Expansion Game Booster downloads for years 2006 through 2010 team for FREE!

Visit the 32-team expansion area on Dropbox to download now!



* Get 2 Free Teams for the Big Game

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How will you shut down Indy's powerful passing? Penetrate Balitmore's stalwart defense? Slow Tennessee's running QB?

We've also included the original 3 additional expansion game play calls for the offense and the 3 additional play calls for the defense. Beware of the defense's blitz! Watch out for the screen pass!

Pizza Box Football's Expansion Game Booster contains 32 team cards, so you can play for your favorite. The teams have been updated for their strengths and weaknesses on offense and on defense. You can use these teams with your existing Pizza Box Football game whether or not you own the original Pizza Box Football Expansion Game. We offer updated teams every year!

Click the link to see the rules of the expanded game.


Also, check out a preview of the Expansion Play sequence card.


View a sample team (PDF)




Our Expansion Game builds upon cards and rules contained in Pizza Box Football. Therefore, it does not contain the rules for playing Pizza Box Football, cards for special teams plays, etc. You may purchase a copy of Pizza Box Football at your local store.

Contents: 2 Expansion Play Sequence Cards, 16 Team Cards (with 32 teams), Instructions, small gray die.