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Pizza Box Baseball Alternate Rules

The following optional rules are not included in the Pizza Box Baseball instruction booklet. By agreement prior to play, players may adopt any/all of the rules below.

- Rules for fast runners
- Attempting to steal 3rd base
- Attempting to score a normal runner on a Single or Double
- Additional Pitcher Strategy: Throw to First

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Goal Line Defense

When the Offense has the ball on the 3, 2 or 1 the Defense gets an extra advantage. Goal Line Defense also applies to 2-point conversion opportunities. This free download is a must for competitive players.

Long Pass Bomb Play

Got to go for it all? This is the play for you. It’s easier to intercept, and you’re more likely to get sacked. But if you’re desperate, you have to chuck it!

Solitaire Game

Want to play Pizza Box Football by yourself? We’ve created a fast, fun way for you to compete against a solitaire opponent. You’ll call plays as you normally would, but your opponent’s play will be determined as you roll. We have downloadable versions for the Basic Game plays and the Expansion Game plays. See if you can beat our solitaire coach!

Home Field Advantage

Want to give the home team a slight edge in the game? We’ve created a Home Field Advantage free download just for you! This free download works best for players who form leagues.

Extra Stat Sheets

Have you run out of Stat Sheets? Never fear. Here's a PDF that you can use to print more First Half and Second Half Stat Sheets.

2005 Expansion Schedule and Scoresheet

For those of you playing a full season with the 2005 expansion, we’ve created PDFs so that you can print a schedule and record your scores!

Free Downloads